Dr. Bum Chul Park, Dr. Jiung Cho and others published a paper entitled "Strategy to control magnetic coercivity by elucidating crystallization pathway-dependent microstructural evolution of magnetite mesocrystals" to Nature Communications 11, 298 (2020).

Mesocrystals are assemblies of smaller crystallites and have attracted attention because of their nonclassical crystallization pathway and emerging collective functionalities. We propose a unied model on the basis of the observation of two crystallization pathways, with different ferric (oxyhydr)oxide polymorphs appearing as intermediates, producing microstructures of magnetite mesocrystal via different mechanisms. We successfully implement an experimental model system that exhibits a universal crystallite size effect on the magnetic coercivity of mesocrystals. These ndings provide a general approach to controlling the microstructure through crystallization pathway selection, thus providing a strategy for controlling magnetic coercivity in magnetite systems.

나노크기의 산화철 마그네타이트(magnetite) 메조결정(mesocrystal)이 생성되는 과정에 따라서 메조결정의 미세구조가 달라지는 현상을 규명하고 상천이 제어를 위한 새로운 접근 방법을 제시함.



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