2018 Project Quarterly Review Meeting of Nano-Material Technology Development Program

Graduate students in our lab, B. C. Park, M. J. Ko, S. W. Byun, M. S. Kim and Prof. Y. K. Kim as well as research members from Korea University, Seoul National University, and Amogreen Tech attended this quarterly review meeting held in Kensington Resort, Gapyeong, Korea on March 9th ~ 10th, 2018.

3월 9일 ~ 10일 청평 켄싱턴리조트에서 개최된 분기 회의에 우리연구실 김영근 교수, 대학원생 박범철, 고민준, 변상원, 김명수가 참석하였으며, 과제에 참여하는 고려대, 서울대 연구실과 참여기업 아모그린텍 연구원들이 참석하였다.


2018 KNOS Winter Workshop (나노광학기술연구회 동계워크샵)

Mr. M. J. Ko, Mr. S. W. Byun, Mr. J. H. Moon, Ms. E. M. Yoo, and Mr. M. S. Kim attended '2018 KNOS Winter Workshop' held in Muju Resort on February 21st ~ 23rd. The scope of this conference is interaction between nano optics with adjacent fields of research such as Raman scattering (nano-Raman), terahertz spectroscopy (terahertz-nano), photonic crystal, fluorescence spectroscopy (nano-PL), etc.

2월 21일부터 23일까지 무주리조트에서 진행된 '제 13회 나노광학기술연구회 동계워크샵'에 참석하였다. 이번 워크샵에는 대학원생 고민준, 변상원, 문준환, 유은민, 김명수가 참가하였다. 

The 27th Joint Interlaboratory Workshop on Nano-Magnetics (JIWON)

Our laboratory members attended 'The 27th Joint Interlaboratory Workshop on Nano-Magnetics' held in Sendai, Japan on February 28 ~ March 03, 2018.

일본 Tohoku대 전자공학과 Sahashi교수님 연구실과 워크샵을 가졌다. JIWON은 2005년 2월 1회를 시작으로 매년 센다이(2월)와 서울(8월)을 번갈아 연간 2회 개최되고 있다. 

Registered patents

1. ‘Magnetic tunnel junction device with spin-filter structure’

[Korea] 10-1825318, (2018.01.29)

2. ‘Metal nanolaminates and manufacturing method thereof’

[Korea] 10-1837440, (2018.03.02.)

3. ‘Metallic nanotube and preparation method thereof’

[Korea] 10-1711888, (2017.02.24)

4. ‘Multilayer films exhibiting perpendicular magnetic anisotropy’

[Korea] 10-1738829, (2017.05.16)

5. ‘Alloy films exhibiting perpendicular magnetic anisotropy’

[Korea] 10-1738828, (2017.05.16)

6. ‘Nanoporous polymer membrane and preparation method thereof’

[Korea] 10-1767236, (2017.08.04)

7. ‘Nanoparticle-polymer fluorescence composites and manufacturing method of the same’

[Korea] 10-1775276, (2017.08.30)

8. ‘Nanofiber-nanowire composite composites and the manufacturing method of the same’

[Korea] 10-1777975, (2017.09.06)

9. ‘Electronic device comprising magnetic nanoparticles and preparation method thereof’

[Korea] 10-1627289, (2016.05.30)

10. Fluorescent and magnetic core-shell nanochain structures and preparation method thereof

[Korea] 10-1683059, (2016.11.30)

11. ‘Nano particles having a curie temperature within biocompatible temperature and method for preparing the same’

[Korea] 10-1379971, (2014.03.25)

[Japan] 5865396 (2016.01.08)

12. ‘Surface-modified nanoparticles and method isolating nucleic acid using it’

[Korea] 10-1402390, (2014.05.26)

13. ‘Spinning nanowires and the method for inducing cell eradication using the same’

[Korea] 10-1406632, (2014.06.03)

14. ‘Antibody-attached nanoparticles in proper orientation of antibody and the process for producing the same’

[Korea] 10-1433021, (2014.08.18)

15. ‘Nano-catalytic filter and manufacturing method thereof’

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16. ‘A Chimeric protein, A Preparation method thereof’

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17. ‘A structure comprising nano antennas and method for preparing the same’

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18. ‘Zinc oxide affinity peptide and process for introducing in vivo a biologically active substance using the same’

[Korea] 10-1276180, (2013.06.12)

19. ‘A Chimeric protein, A Preparation method thereof, A Nanosenser fixed with the same and An application thereof’

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20. ‘Fabrication of monolithic polymer nanofluidic channels using nanowires’

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21. ‘Cell Detection Method Using Amplification of Aptamer’

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22. ‘A nanohair structure and an application thereof’

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23. ‘Method for fabricating Multi-Component Nanowires’

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24. ‘Substrate a built-in rechargeable secondary battery and Semiconductor having the same’

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25. ‘Integrated passive devices and method for manufacturing the same’

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26. ‘CoFeSiB/Pt multilayers exhibiting perpendicular magnetic anisotropy’

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27. ‘Method of Manufacturing Multilayered Nanowires’

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38, ‘Magnetic Properties of Reactively Sputtered Fe1-xO and Fe3O4 Thin Films’

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39. ‘Nano-catalyst filter and method of manufacturing the same’

[JAPAN] 6329245 (2018.04.27.)

40. ‘Complex of zinc oxide binding peptide, and zinc oxide nanoparticles, and use thereof’

[U.S.A.] 9718860 (2017.08.01.)

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41. ‘Structure having nanoantenna and method for manufacturing same’

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42. ‘CoFeSiB/Pt multilayers exhibiting perpendicular magnetic anisotropy’

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43. ‘Chimeric protein, method for manufacturing the same, nano-sensor in which the chimeric protein is fixed and application thereof’

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44. Iron-Gold barcode nanowire and manufacturing method thereof

[Europe] 1925696 (2012.09.10)

45. ‘Magnetoresistive device exhibiting small and stable bias fields independent of device size variation’

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62nd Annual Conference on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials (MMM)

Graduate students in our lab, Y. J. Kim, Mr. Y. S. Jeon and D. Y. Nam attended '62nd Annual Conference on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials' held in Pittsburgh USA on Nov. 6 ~ 10, 2017.

대학원생 김용진, 전유상, 남다연이 11월 6 ~ 10일 미국 피츠버그에서 개최된 62nd Annual MMM Conference에 참석하였다. 


  • 김용진 (Oral) : Magnetic properties of CoFeSiB-Pd multilayers and alloys with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy

  • 전유상 (Oral) : Characterization and magnetic properties of Co nanotubes

  • 남다연 (Poster) : Magnetic Property Characterization of CoFe Nanowire and Nanospring Structures by First-Order-Reversal-Curve Measurements

2017 Homecoming Day

Current researchers held Homecoming day located in YeokSam, Korea on December 8, 2017

12월 8일 역삼 동천홍 에서 홈커밍데이를 열었다.

2017 Fall Conference of the Korean Institute of Metals and Materials (2017 대한금속재료학회 추계학술대회 참석)

Mr. I. H. Cha and Mr. T. H. Kim attended 'Fall conference of the Korean Institute of Metals and Materials' held in Daegu Korea on October 25 ~ 27, 2017.

10월 25 ~ 27 일 대구에서 개최된 2017 대한금속재료학회 추계학술대회에 참석하였다. 이번 추계학술대회에는 대학원생 차인호, 김태현이 참석하였다.


  • 차인호 (Oral) : NM1/FM/NM2 삼중층에서의 interfacial Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction
  • 김태현 (Poster) : 수직자기이방성을 나타내는 W/CoFeB/MgO 박막에서 W 두께와 열처리 온도에 따른 interfacial Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction 변화 분석