Registered patents

  1. Metal Nano-spring And Manufacturing Method Of The Same
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  2. Metal nanolaminates andf manufacturing method thereof
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  3. Magnetic Tunnel Junction Device With Spin-Filter Structure
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  4. Nanofiber-Nanowire Composite and The Manufacturing Method of The Same
    [Korea] 1
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  5. Nanoparticle-Polymer Fluorescence Composites And Manufacturing Method Of The Same
    [Korea] 1
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  6. Nanoporous polymer membrane and preparation method thereof
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  7. Alloy films exhibiting perpendicular magnetic anisotropy
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  8. Multilayer films exhibiting perpendicular magnetic anisotropy
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  9. Metallic nanotube and preparation method thereof
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  10. Fluorescent and magnetic core-shell nanochain structures and preparation method thereof
    [Korea] 10-
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  11. Electronic device comprising magnetic nanoparticles and preparation method thereof
    [Korea] 10
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  12. Nano-catalytic filter and manufacturing method thereof
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  13. Antibody-attached nanoparticles in proper orientation of antibody and the process for producing the same
    10-1433021 (2014.08.18)

  14. Spinning nanowires and the method for inducing cell eradication using the same

  15. [Korea] 10-1406632 (2014.06.03)

  16. Surface-modified nanoparticles and method isolating nucleic acid using it
    10-1402390 (2014.05.26)

  17. Nano particles having a curie temperature within biocompatible temperature and method for preparing the same
    [Korea] 10-1379971 (2014.03.25)
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  18. A Chimeric protein, A Preparation method thereof, A Nanosenser fixed with the same and An application thereof
    [Korea] 10-1267260 (2013.09.11)
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  19. Zinc oxide affinity peptide and process for introducing in vivo a biologically active substance using the same
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  20. A structure comprising nano antennas and method for preparing the same
    [Korea] 10-1271696 (2013.05.30)
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  21.  A Chimeric protein, A Preparation method thereof, A
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  22. A nanohair structure and an application thereof
    [Korea] 10-1163535 (2012.07.02)

  23. Cell Detection Method Using Amplification of Aptamer
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  24. Fabrication of monolithic polymer nanofluidic channels using nanowires
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  25. Method for fabricating Multi-Component Nanowires
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  26. Integrated passive devices and method for manufacturing the same
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  27. Substrate a built-in rechargeable secondary battery and Semiconductor having the same
    [Korea] 10-0898020 (2009.05.11)

  28. Method of Manufacturing Multilayered Nanowires
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  30. Apparatus of nanocontacts having improved contact shape
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  31. Method of Manufacturing Hexagonal Nanoplate Diamond
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  35. Method Of Manufacturing Metal Nano-Discs
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  36. Nano-particle embedded nano-structure
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  40. Manufacturing method of soft magnetic multilayer thin films for high-frequency
    [Korea] 10-0352157 (2002.08.27)

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