Intermag 2018 Singapore

Graduate students, Y. S. Jeon, I. H. Cha, T. H. Kim and Prof. Kim attended 'Intermag Singapore 2018' held in Marina Bay Sands Convention Center, Singapore on April 23th ~ 27th, 2018.

T. H. Kim was named Student Travel Award in Intermag Singapore 2018.

4월 23 ~ 27일 싱가폴에서 개최된 2018 Intermag에 김영근 교수, 대학원생 전유상, 차인호, 김태현이 참석하였으며, 김태현 연구원이 Student Travel Award 에 선정되었다.



  • 전유상 (Poster) : Magnetization reversal of helical Co and CoFe nanosprings
  • 차인호 (Oral) : Influence of W insertion layer in Ta and CoFeB on antidamping-like effective torque efficiency
  • 김태현 (Poster) : Tunable interfacial Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction in Ta/W/CoFeB/MgO films